Turkey's Anatolia in the Carf our brand on a long journey in Konya, has over 70 years represents diversity and excellence in men's shoes. While Carfier shoes draw attention to details with its advanced know-how and experience, the combination of different materials and colors is always an indicator of the sophisticated, original and distinctive image of the Carfier brand. We search for the best materials for our shoes and then test them. While continuing to grow and develop in the production power of our brand and in the shoe industry, we take firm steps forward by showing itself successfully in the world market.

Being aware of the subtleties in shoe production, we accompany your strong and solid steps that you will take without compromising your aesthetic and stylish appearance with the quality of comfortable shoes that will not endanger your health.

Thanks to our long-term experience in the fields of innovation and quality, we have proved to the world that elegance and comfort can be combined in shoe production by establishing a professional balance.

We continue to grow and become stronger with our sustainable development principles, while increasing the quality and standards in production day by day.

We share with you our collections that we prepared by combining technology and fashion with masterful touches.


CARFIER products are produced with the best quality of materials suitable for that product and with meticulous workmanship. Finished products are necessarily subjected to quality control before packaging. Despite this, our company shows maximum effort and goodwill to compensate for production errors that may occur in CARFIER products, as the production of shoes is based on intensive human labor. If there is a manufacturing defect in CARFIER products, the authorized dealer from whom the product was purchased must be contacted within 90 days, together with the sales document.


• To provide our customers with high quality and affordable products. • Adopting a customer-oriented approach and
• To share this policy with our employees
• To improve and maintain quality


• Shoe squeezing the foot
• Leather lining and / or outcrop color getting on feet or socks
• Excessive sweating and odor in the feet. • Some water absorption by skin contact with water
• Hand and / or machine washed shoes. • Paint, polish, etc. not suitable for the shoe or its type. maintenance done with products
• Conditions such as deformation, contamination, discoloration, sole melting due to natural wear in the shoes.


Our shoes are our strongest and closest connection with the world under our feet. This unique connection is reflected in the care and passion we give to every couple we make, but we know that alone is no longer enough. We need to do more to make a difference and ensure that people everywhere can enjoy this special connection for generations to come.

That's why we develop our models, take a circular approach to shoemaking, and dedicate ourselves to supporting communities around the world. We are always trying to find ways in which our environmental impact can be reduced by lightening our footprint. For this reason, we ensure that the materials we use and the solution partners we choose are as environmentally conscious as we do.