As ERYILMAZ CARFIER Ayakkabı, we continue to take firm steps towards becoming a world brand with our CARFIER and REFLEX brands by constantly renewing ourselves in the production of shoes we started in 1950. While we are on the way to become a quality, modern and comfortable shoe manufacturer with our experienced technical staff and expert designers, we continue our work with the goal of taking our place in the international arena.

By modernizing our production facilities in parallel with technological developments and aiming to maximize our quality, we continue to be the pioneer of fashion and design with our technical design teams and modelists.

We design light, flexible, elegant and luxury shoes for men with our wide range of products. We have integrated each of our collections, classic, casual, comfort and boots, with the craftsmanship of our craftsmen.

These shoes we produce are exported to our dealers and wholesalers in Turkey and to TRNC, Azerbaijan, England, Greece, Korea, Saudi Arabia and Dubai, and we continue to maintain our place in international waters.

Our CARFIER brand shoes; It has gained the appreciation of our consumers with its design line, quality and economy. Each shoe we produce is hand made by our craftsmen, following all the necessary steps to create a flawless product. Quality is always at the forefront for us. For this reason, CARFIER shoes are subjected to quality testing before being sent to the end user.

Our most important principle is to provide the best quality and service to our customers in domestic and international markets by following the developments in shoes and technology, innovations in the world shoe sector and fashion pioneers.

As CARFIER, we aim to make a difference by combining global style with traditional handicraft, having users from all walks of life, combining modern and street style, updating our collections in every short period and ensuring that you always find the diversity you are looking for under the same roof. CARFIER, faithful to tradition but at the same time embracing new, inevitable change, in the international marathon


To be a shoe brand that preserves the sustainability of the products in the domestic and foreign markets, preferred with its different line and trusted with its quality.


To be a preferred CARFIER brand by offering different, high quality and comfortable products to its domestic and foreign customers.


  • The company founded by Ahmet Eryılmaz in 1950 in Konya, the city of shoes, under the name ERYILMAZ TOPTAN KAVAFİYE.
  • As a result of the growth of the business over the years, and more importantly, with the takeover of the 2nd Generation in 1978, it entered a faster progress adventure.
  • The company, which entered the branding and production phase, which was established in 2000, started production in a small factory for classic men's shoes with the Carfier Brand.
  • The brand has become a well-known brand in the domestic market in a short time with its superior mastery knowledge, experience and understanding that reveals difference.
  • In this process, which has survived until today, it exports to more than 20 countries with the Carfier brand.
  • Since the limits have been removed in the digital world, brand value has been optimized by positioning the brand value not only for the existing markets and target audience, but also according to the target audience in the global market.